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--Bright Darkness
Chapter 2.............Abrupt Awakenings


Jasmine stared at the television screen. Her eyes were full of intense interest, as if she wanted to make sure she understood everything that was being said. This was of course the day Issac said the blast was going to happen. She didn't doubt him, but she thought that if it was to occur today, that it would have happened already. Or at the very least hurry up and happen.

She was scared, and hated being on the edge of her seat, waiting...and expecting... The one o'clock news came on, and a 'Just In' headline blared across the television set. "This just in, from NASA. " Immediately Jasmine tuned into the message produced by the middle aged news anchor. Anticipation flowed through her, 'That's where Issac is!' she thought.

"We regret to inform you that Space craft 331, was inhabited--"

The door burst open averting Jasmine's attention from the report. "US Military!" belted a tall man in military attire. From behind him came two other men, both with guns and gas masks. The tall man hastily grasped Jasmines elbow, forcing her to face him. "Ma'am are there any others in the house?"

"N-no," Jasmine replied with a bit of skepticism. Remembering the urgent report she tried desperately to hear the voice of the news anchor.

"The Secret American militia left a detailed letter, explaining their reasoning. Exact information included in this document has not been released. However, the gov--," continued the newsman.

"Miss....MISS!?..."the solider holding onto her arm asked in haste trying to regain her attention. Jasmine stared back up into his eyes, with a blank and solemn look on her face.

"Are you positive?" he asked.

"Ummm, yes...m-my mom is at work and my father i-is...he's...he..." She scanned the room, military personnel charged in and out of each bedroom, and tore through the kitchen and dining room. She looked on in absolute amazement. They pushed over dressers, tore lamps out of sockets, and pulled doors off their hinges. Her eyes welled up with water. "S-ss-stop." she squeaked quietly, and the tears gently poured down her face. The frustrated officer forced her to look at him once again with a sharp yank of his arm.

"Where ar-...."

"THEY AREN'T HERE!!" Jasmine screamed, crying profusely.

The man stared into her eyes apologetically, she broke their gaze. He look up, and whistled loudly, all of the men who had previously been tearing through Jasmine's house and memories, stared in anticipation.

"Head out." he replied shortly.

Still holding onto her elbow he ushered Jasmine quickly out of the house.

Jasmine turned roughly around to hear the end of the broadcast.

Fighting the government official the last statement she heard was, "331 no longer has communications with NASA, as for the occupants...God Bless."


The large green vehicle bumped along the gravel road harshly. Jasmine's eyes were still wet with tears. Her arms dangled loosely from between the canvas cover of the military jeep. She sighed heavily and closed her eyes. 'What's happening?' she thought. It had been 2 hours since the men had taken her away. Not one word was spoken, by either her or them, she'd welcomed that at the time. But now she slightly wished that she had asked...something, about her predicament.

New tears sprang to her eyes, at the thought of the future that was to come. She didn't know what was to happen, but she did know that she wanted someone there with her, someone she knew. Out of all the stops made, not one single person that had boarded the truck was familiar. She squeezed her eyelids together hoping that it'd make the tears go away. It didn't.

Quietly she turned around and faced the inside of the truck bed, and stared at the faces of her fellow traveling mates. Everyone was asleep. 'God, how can anyone sleep at a time like this!?!' she thought exasperated. She pulled her knees up to her chest and rested her head on them. Sighing once again she closed her eyes, intent on imagining happier times. But she was prematurely interrupted. The truck had stopped.


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